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We make it easy for Accountants to embrace AI.

Accu AI allows you to build rapport from the very beginning of your engagement with a new client.

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    We embed Accu AI into your website using your firm’s branding, logo and colours.

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    Prospective clients can kick off the process on your website by just filling simple information of what they are looking.

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    Accu AI invites prospective clients to answer simple questions about their requirements and expectations.

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    Personalised information

    Accu AI prompts the client to provide personalised information based on their inputs.

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    The client then provides detailed information in their own time.

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    Accu AI generates a summary table of the client’s information for accountants, with a smart button integrated to create an appropriate business structure


Set up Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF's)

SMSF Administration & Changes

Set up Companies

Manage ASIC Compliance & Company Changes

Set up Trusts


Elevate your service offering with the power of AI-backed technology.


Acquire more clients by empowering prospects to commence their matter when and how it suits them.


Improve efficiencies with immediate access to the information you need from your clients.


Create a positive, empathetic client experience from the get-go.


Integrate AccuAI into your website:

Get onboard with ACCUAI and access the integration tools provided by us

Follow the integration guidelines provided by us to embed AccuAI functionalities into your website.

Test the integration thoroughly to ensure seamless functionality.

Once done, AccuAI’s interview questionnaire will guide your clients to update their customized requirements for you to have an effective first meetings.

Invite Clients to Use your website:

Accountants invite their clients to their websites.

Provide clear instructions on how clients can access and utilize the platform for information gathering.

Ask for Client Information:

With ACCUAI, we have designed a user-friendly interface on for your clients to input necessary information for the first interview.

AccuAI gathers essential details about clients' financial and business situations through guided forms or questionnaires.

Personalize Information Gathering:

Our AccuAI tools can personalize the information-gathering process based on client needs and specific business structures (Companies, Trusts, SMSFs).

We have custom-tailored the questions and prompts based on the type of entity the client intends to establish or manage.

Instruct Clients on Next Steps:

With AccuAI, we can provide clear instructions on what happens next after the information is submitted by your clients at each stage, so you don’t waste your time in explanation.

AccuAI will guide clients on the process of creating or managing business structures through our integration platform on trustdeed.com.au using the collected data.

Extract and Utilize Data:

Once client information is submitted, AccuAIensures it's seamlessly integrated and accessible for Accountants.

With AccuAI, Accountants can extract the compiled data in a format that facilitates the first interview effectively. This information sits in your account dashboard once you login to accuai.com.au.

With just a single click of a button, Accountants can createBusiness structures (Companies, Trusts, SMSFs) directly through Trustdeed.com.au using integrated data.

Manage and Maintain Structures:

Enable ongoing management of created business structures directly through your website powering ACCUAI.

AccuAI provides tools for accountants to efficiently oversee and update existing structures like Companies and Self-managed Super Funds (SMSFs) for their clients as needed.

By implementing this process, ACCUAI.com.au can serve as a comprehensive platform for Accountants to gather client information effectively, initiate business structures, and seamlessly collaborate with Trustdeed.com.au for streamlined business management.


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To get started with ACCU AI we need to create an account for you and provide your IT department with a unique integration code for your website. This service incurs a fee of $1500 plus GST

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